India and Cricket

The game of cricket in India, is nothing short of a grand carnival. Since its invention, the game has seen ups, downs and roundabouts. It has given Indians, its all. It has given us happiness, sadness, grief, excitement, despair, poverty, riches, unavoidable sorrows and frustration too.

To India, the game has been a reason to unite, to celebrate, to rise, to sorrow, and to strive. It has also brought us a Sachin Tendulkar, a Rahul Dravid, A Virat Kohli and loads of inspiration. It has made our youth stronger, given them hope and made the country brighter.

It would not be an overstatement to call cricket a religion.

Perhaps the only asset left to us Indians by the British, cricket is now the language of the streets and people unknown, in every inch of this country. With many vigorous devotees worshipping their ‘Men in Blue’ every year as they achieve decoration makes this humble sport the most supreme culture of India.

Every year we watch the uncontrollable crowds of IPL glued to our TV screens while secretly hoping to be amongst them. It is next to impossible to get a vacant seat in the stadium whenever there is a match. A religion without a holy book, cricket consists of Gods that we Indians keep our faith in. Matches are hoarded just to watch that one man play.

So, why is cricket so popular in the country?

We think that there are two reasons for this game to be ever so popular - the influence of British and commercialization.

From test matches to ODIs to T20s, the game has seen changes that suit the viewer of all strata. Be it the youngsters who want a quick resolution to a match or older people who would patiently watch the game as scores increase, wickets fall and days pass, the game has had content and quality for all viewers.

Although it took more than 20 years for India to win its first test match in 1952, the supporters of the game have been ever so loyal. Off from a patchy start, India won its first ever world cup in 1983 in a historic show-off against Pakistan.

It was only then that the team became a force that would reign the hearts of the entire country. The magnitude of Indians’ love for cricket has since been incomprehensible and contagious. Mass media, multimedia and now social media have only added to the outreach and popularity of this game.

Hockey being the national sport of India is overshadowed by the never-ending popularity of cricket. To some, cricket is a distraction, a pastime and to others it is a religion. But no matter who it is, people of all ages definitely do enjoy talking about, playing and watching the game. takes the legacy of this legendary game further. We aim to provide high quality, brand-authenticated crickets bats, balls and other gear. We wish to reach to many more youngsters and other willing to take up cricket as their everyday sport.

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Happy cricketing!